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First Steps with

Fiat 500e Online

First Steps with for sure should pass you to Creating New Account. Then You should ask a question if You have access To AlfaOBD or Witech Diagnostics Tool.

Step 1: Ordering Diagnostic Tool from In our offer we have 2 designed by us, diagnostics and programing tool. The rental price of the only diagnostic computer is more then a half of the programming tool.

Step 2: Check our facebook calendar schedule to get sure the date is ok for You and Us. Then You should order the diagnostic service that You are interested in.

In some cases You’ll have to order special Repair service like RBC – Regenerative Break Control bleeding procedure.

If You got any questions fill free to message us Online right now : Contact

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Fiat 500e Online Service Center

Fiat 500e Serwis online

Fiat 500e Online service – is a full service of the FCA group or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. is our website devoted only to remote repairs and diagnostics of FCA electric and hybrid cars

We are cooperating with workshops and private persons all around the World. If We still have no local support at Your country e-mail us as the first one – You’ll get 30% discount for service and proposition of cooperation. Become a part of International Fiat 500e Online Service Center

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